Tantalising Thailand

An overview- Thailand is a country that allures all. People from all the corners of the world have Thailand in their bucket-list. Travelers find Thailand to be one of the best destinations in the world. And it’s rightly so. Thailand is a heady mix of culture, heritage, beaches, nightlife, food and shopping, and so many other things. It’s visited by millions throughout the year. Thailand is not a place; it’s a way of life. Its exuberance and lively vibes are sure to intoxicate one and all. Thailand is for everyone. You can be a bag-packer and station yourself in this tantalizing country. Take your full family and enjoy a great family holiday. This is also a honeymooner’s paradise. Panning to go somewhere with your friends? Take a cue from ‘Hangover’ and visit Thailand. The amount of inspiration you want from ‘Hangover’ is up to you. Haha. The best part of traveling to Thailand is that it’s quite affordable. Contact Travelites now to make you the best Thailand Package as per your preference.

This fun loving friendly country emits a golden colour through its dazzling temples, attractive beaches, sparkling nightlife. Thailand has an idiosyncratic aura that’s hard to miss. It will basically dig out a broad smile from within. Thailand has a very vibrant food culture. Well, in fact, food can solely be a reason to travel to Thailand. It’s a well-known fact that Thai cuisine is famous all over the world. The street food scene in Thailand is absolutely mind-blowing. There are stalls selling a wide range of delectables and they are so yummy. You will get different meats cooked in different style. A whole lot of fresh sea-food to devour on. A variety of milk-shakes, fruit juices to cool you off. The street food in Thailand is as good as the food in Restaurants. Lots of fresh produce like are used in Thai Cuisine. It’s a bit on the spicy side though. Taste the local cuisine if you want to get a feel of Thailand. But note there are plenty of Indian Restaurants. Just remember to inform Travelites about your meal plan.

Thailand is a multi-faceted country. On one hand it has the most extravagant nightlife and on the other hand, the celestial world is a close confidant in this Buddhist nation. There are numerous temples and Buddha Statues in Thailand. Buddhism is the main religion here. Another aspect of Thailand is that it’s a shopper’s paradise. From flea-markets to swanky shopping malls, you will get anything you desire for especially in the capital city. A shopaholic like me can go nuts in this shopping haven. I feel I should book a trip to Thailand with Travelites keeping at least two full days for shopping in Bangkok!

Bangkok – Bangkok is the euphoric capital of Thailand. The throbbing nerve-center of Thailand is amazing. One thing is for sure; you can never get bored in Bangkok. Bangkok is a magician who casts a spell on you that you don’t want to come out from. This vibrant capital of Thailand surprises you at every turn. Bangkok is a flamboyant and frenzied city overflowing with cheap thrills, lively nature of the people all around, lots of Porches and undying energy. It has the best street life one can wish for. Bangkok offers some delicious food and awesome shopping to travelers. The in-vogue fashion of Bangkok will blow your mind and the mouth-watering food will make you crave for more.

Places to visit in Bangkok

Grand Palace & Wat Phra Kaew- Wat Phra Kaew is the colloquial name for the Temple of Emerald Buddha. This magnanimous complex also housed the former residence of the Thai King. The Grand Palace is also known as Phra Borom Maharatchawang. This is one of the main tourist spots in present-day. The building remains off-limits to the visitors and is mainly used by the king for Coronation Day or other such ceremonies. This place is a perfect blend of European architecture with its conventional Thai counterpart. Wat Phra Chetuphon and the Temple of the Reclining Buddha or Wat Pho are situated just beyond Wat Phra Kaew. Make Travelites includes these in your itinerary. You will be spellbound by the art and architecture of the place and the beautiful statues of Buddha.

Underwater Aquarium/ Sea Life Bangkok Ocean World- Sea Life Bangkok Ocean World is waiting to impress you. Visit this spectacular place on your next trip to Thailand with Travelites. You will get to see here a plethora of ocean life from very close proximity. The amazing sea creatures all around will simply mesmerize you. There are over 30,000 sea creatures in this Underwater Aquarium. I am sure that you have not seen such a wide variety of marine life in one place. You will just go ‘WOW’ by their different shapes and colours. Always be click ready. The rocky shore, ocean tunnel, shark walk will simply take your breath away. From young to old, everybody will adore this place. The staffs take a picture which is later sold as souvenirs at the exit point. Buy at least one for the beautiful memory that you made here. Sea Life Bangkok Ocean World is in a posh shopping mall.

Chao Phraya River Cruise- Chao Phraya River Cruise is one of the finest rich offerings in Bangkok. On board this cruise, you will be showered with an outstanding buffet and liquor. When it cruises down the river, the iconic landmarks of Bangkok will be on both sides. The foot-tapping numbers by the singer on board will get the party started in no time. You can sit at your table and enjoy the sumptuous food or shake a leg with others. No matter what, you will have an evening in Bangkok to remember for the rest of your life. Go up to the deck for a change. The illuminated Grand Palace looks spectacular in the evening. The sweet breeze of the river will wrap an enchanting feeling around you.

Safari World- This is Thailand’s most famous animal and leisure park. Safari World consists of Safari Park and Marine Park. This exhilarating and lovely place can easily be the number 1 attraction in Thailand. You have to enter Safari Park in a vehicle. You don’t have to worry, your tour operator, Travelites will arrange everything. The drive through Safari Park is exciting as well as immensely enjoyable. This open zoo with all the animals roaming about freely is a wonderful sight. There are plenty of animals and birds. It’s just amazing to see all the carnivores and herbivores in their natural habitat. Marine Park is a theme park which is full of fun and frolic. There are different kinds of shows by adorable dolphins, chimpanzees, elephants, etc. There are also a couple of shows by human beings. This place is huge and you cannot watch all the shows. So decide from beforehand which all the shows you want to watch. But do not miss the Dolphin show. It’s unimaginable what these cute creatures can do. You have to watch it to believe it. Safari World will entertain people of all ages.

Floating Market- The Floating market is where buying and selling of stuff on a boat. The sellers, as well as the buyers, navigate through a stream on boats. The local people sell fresh food items, fruits, vegetables and lots of other souvenirs on the boat itself. There are shops on both sides of the stream. You can hire a boat and indulge in shopping while blissfully floating on a boat or else you can walk along with the shops and eateries that are on both the sides and shop from there also. All in all, it’s a very new and cool way of spending your time. Buy some authentic spices and devour some freshly cooked food.

Pattaya- The spirited city of Pattaya is always brimming with life. From dusk till dawn, revelers make this city very lively. The creatures of the night light up Pattaya with its exuberance and charm. Pattaya is like a beat that keeps playing in your mind till you start humming it and swaying with it. But there is more to Pattaya than its vibrant nightlife. It has fantastic beaches, really nice street food scene and lots of places to shop. The walking street is an iconic landmark in Pattaya.

Places to visit in Pattaya

Naklua beach- Nakula beach is the ideal spot for spending time in pure solitude. The beaches of Pattaya provide a much-needed break from the crazy nightlife of the city. Nakula is among the finest beaches in Pattaya. The small fishing communities are the reason for which you will get the best fresh produce on your plate. Nakula beach is situated at the Northern fringes of Pattaya.

Alcazar Show- This stunning glitz and the glamorous show is presented by the she-males. The performances will leave you speechless. This extravagant show is a great way to enjoy your evening in Pattaya. The dance and song routines by the beautiful she-males are truly spectacular. They might even perform to an Indian song. The Alcazar Cabaret Show is a world-renowned show that blends in dazzling costumes, striking set decors, and superb choreography.

Noong Noonch village- This is a sprawling beautiful manicured garden which has varieties of flowers and plants. This area was bought by Mr. Pisit and Mrs. Nongnooch Tansacha in the year 1954 with the plan of making it a fruit plantation. But the enthralling beauty of the place made Mrs. Nongnooch change her mind from making it a fruit orchard to a spectacular garden with places to stay, restaurants, conference halls, etc. At present this beautiful garden is a major tourist attraction. This charming landscaped park is an all day trip. This theme park also hosts cultural shows. This is a must visit when traveling in Pattaya.

Underwater World Pattaya- The only aquarium in Pattaya also happens to be the most beautiful aquarium. The marine life is in abundance in this huge aquarium. The 105 meters long acrylic tunnel gives you a 180-degree view. It’s pretty unreal to watch fishes swim above your head. Everyone will love this place. There is a feeding area, touch zone area, magic tank, etc. The sight of colourful and rare sea creatures all around you will not only paint a beautiful picture but will also elicit a broad smile from you.

Sriracha Tiger Zoo- This is another very interesting sightseeing point in Pattaya. The zoo is the abode of nearly 200 tigers. All animals live together in pure harmony. The animals such as elephants, tigers, pigs, etc. take part in different shows which happens daily in the zoo. You can feed the cubs and click pictures with them. You can also enjoy in the Elephant Museum. Besides these, there are other entertaining activities which will provide a lot of excitement and thrills.

Phuket- Phuket is a beautiful beach destination in Thailand which is adorned with swaying palm trees, white powdery sands, sparkling sea, and a vibrant town, all set under a clear blue sky. The charming island of Phuket has an old charm well blended with the newest offerings. Lots of water activities are done on the islands. Phuket displays a spectrum of colours in the pink or golden sunsets, blue lagoons and in the orange-clothed monks.

Places to visit in Phuket

FantaSea –This colourful show is inspired by a Fantasy show in Las Vegas. This extravagant show has state of the art technology infused with the Thai essence. There are different types of shows including the extraordinary performance by the animals, aerial acts, magic show, etc. Once you enter the fantasy kingdom, you will find counters selling a lot of things from food to souvenirs; you will also be entertained by the street performers.

Phi Phi Island- Phi Phi Island attracts travelers from all over the globe. This island has a superstar stature. If you want to Phi Phi, then you have to talk to Travelites. What are you waiting for? Pick up the phone and dial Travelites now. Phi Phi Island comprises of Phi Phi Ley and Phi Phi Don. This spectacular island seems to have risen from the blue seas giving an impression like a castle on the water. The bluish-grey green waters and the sandy beach of Phi Phi make it a paradise.

James Bond Island- This limestone clad island is a marvelous island. Do you know why the name of the island is James Bond? The shooting of the Bond Movie- Man with a golden gun took place here. The actual names of the islands are Khao Phing Kan and Ko Ta Pu. The pristine waters of this scenic island and the caves of Koh Ping Ghan will make you realize that Mother Nature has worked her splendid magic on this place. You can go canoeing in these beautiful caves.

Krabi- Krabi is among the most exotic beach destination in Thailand. Krabi is not very crowded and is bestowed with unimaginable sceneries.
Places to visit in Krabi

Four Islands – Phra Nang Cave, Poda, Koh Kai or Chicken Island, and Tup Island consists of the famous four island trip in Krabi. Phra Nang Cave beach is a scenic island with powdery white sands, sparkling waters and the Princess Cave. The Poda Island is marvelous. The waters are highly inviting and you cannot stay away from it. The view from Poda Island is stunning. Chicken Island is called so as it looks like a head of the chicken. Tup Island is equally mesmerising like the other islands. The four island trip is done in one day itself. One thing needs to be mentioned here. You won’t get bored island hopping as all the islands have its idiosyncratic flavour.

Other Islands- Apart from the four islands, there are many other islands in Krabi. Ko Lanta Yai, Monkey Island, Ko Bida Nok, Maya Bay, etc. You might not be able to get down at all the islands but each and every island is spectacular in nature. You can revive your exploratory mood, sunbathe, go swimming or snorkeling or simply absorb the tropical bliss that these islands in Krabi have to offer.

Wat Tham Sua- This is undoubtedly a gem in the beautiful necklace of Krabi. This is a set of caves in the jungle which can be scouted. If you can climb 1237 stairs and reach the top, you will be greeted with an amazing 360-degree view of the surroundings. This tiger cave temple is not beautiful but also very interesting. The monks live and worship within a maze of natural caves in an overgrown jungle valley.

Festivals of Thailand

Songkran- Songkran is welcoming the Thai New Year. This festival happens between 13th April and 15th April. This is a very crucial occurrence in the Buddhist Calendar. This festival is celebrated by throwing water on each other. Huge crowds gather on the street and drench each other with water. The significance of this festival is to wash away all the sins and ill-fortune from one’s life. It’s also a time to pay respect to the elderly members and relatives of the family. Its great fun and many tourists take part in it. Khao San Road and Silom Road are the two most popular roads for the tourists to enjoy this festival to the fullest.

Lantern Festival/ Yi Peng – This festival takes place all over Thailand especially in Chiang Mai. The sky becomes illuminated in a golden hue as swarms of lighted lanterns are floated in the night sky. This spectacular scene emits an aura of sheer beauty and spreads happiness all across. The act of releasing the lantern symbolizes letting go of all evils and misfortunes in the previous year, and Buddhists also believe that if you make a wish when you set off the lantern, it will come true. It is observed on a full moon day which generally falls in the month of November but it can vary. There are travelers who visit Thailand for these outstanding festivals only. Entire Thailand gets in a festive mood during these festivals. Traditional dance show, handicraft fares, food stalls, etc. make these events more glorious.

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