Sikkim - The Mystic Land

Author: Shayeree

 The area of Sikkim is approximately 7,096 square km. It’s pretty amazing how Mother Nature has squeezed in so much in so little space. India’s second smallest state packs a punch when it comes to the abundance of natural beauty. The extraordinary landscape of this place is simply mesmerising. The affectionate local people welcome you with arms wide open. The beauty of Sikkim captures the essential quality of its lofty snow-capped mountains, glistering glaciers, mountain-walled lakes, meandering rivers, and beautiful flora and fauna. This superlatively charming land exudes ancient charm in the form of Monasteries and boasts of a landscape that also encompasses the rustic glamour of its various hamlets. Book your next holiday in Sikkim with Travelites, the best travel agency near you. Let’s divide Sikkim into four zones: North, East, West, and South. Each and every place in the four zones is extremely picturesque. There are places which many of you have heard about and there many other places which you will come to know here. Needless to say, every place in Sikkim has its own idiosyncratic taste.

Places to visit in North Sikkim

Lachung– ‘Travel is rebellion in its purest form.’

How can you describe a place that is indescribable? Lachung is exactly that. Lachung has an aura that can entwine one and all. ‘Lajawab Lachaung’ has an altitude of nearly 8710 feet. This is a major tourist attraction in North Sikkim. Lachung is a place where you can go on family vacay, romantic escapades, outing with friends, for trekking, etc. It’s also a paradise for thrill seekers, nature lovers, and photographers. Lachung is a spectacular village snuggled among the Himalayas. There are picturesque glacial rivers, snow-clad mountains, scenic waterfalls, apple orchards, etc. Apart from the stupendous beauty of the place, Lachung also has a quaint monastery. The monastery which was constructed in 1880 is adorned with beautiful wall paintings and statues from the past. You just sit and relax and let Travelite do the rest.

Yumthang Valley is a canvas where nature has painted awe-inspiring portraits. The journey to Yumthang Valley can be best explained as a photographic journey. It’s at a distance of roughly 25kms from Lachung. The road to Yumthang Valley is extremely picturesque. It will make you feel that you are on ‘a staircase to Heaven.’ This valley sits proudly as an altitude of approximately 12,500 feet above sea level. Yumthang Valley is called the ‘valley of flowers’ because, in the months of April and May, the flowers are in full bloom especially the Rhododendrons which you will get here in multi colours such as red, purple, yellow, etc. This attractive spot is peppered with Pine trees, yaks grazing around, a river flowing softly down the valley and hot springs. A visit to Yumthang Valley will leave you speechless.

Zero Point– A trek to this place will make your adrenaline pumping. This is the last frontier of civilization and is about 22 kms from Yumthang. The other name for Zero Point is ‘Yumesamdong’. The area is mostly blanketed by snow all the time. A crystal-clear stream flows through the area with a wooden bridge completing the splendid setting. You should visit Zero Point sometime between November to March. The marvelous vistas that you will get here is an unreal experience. This tranquil valley is very windy. The entire area has reached the exalted rank based on the epitome of beauty. Contact Travelite to book your package. Everything seems to become meaningless amidst this arresting beauty. Take a bowl of hot ‘Thukpa’ and enjoy the scenery while eating it. This memory will be etched in your mind forever.

Lachen– Have you experienced love at first sight? If not then visit Lachen. You will fall in love with the place instantly. It’s one of the most gorgeous places to visit in Sikkim. This quiet and sparsely populated hamlet offers a panoramic view of the surroundings. It’s placed close to the Indo-Tibetian border. This place is highly regarded as a Buddhist pilgrim site also. Sikkim is a treasure trove and Lachen is one of its ‘anmol ratan.’ Lachen is set against a backdrop of mountains and beautiful snow-covered peaks. The splendid countryside of Lachen is sprinkled with verdant vegetation, alpine grasslands, apple orchards, gurgling streams, and the Herculean Himalayas. The Lachen Monastery is positioned atop the village and provides with a bird’s eye view of the peaceful village and also of Lachen Chu and the alpine forests. You should not miss out Lachen on your next trip to North Sikkim because this place is worth a visit.

Gurudongmar Lake is one of the highest lakes in India. Set amidst icy mountains, zig-zag roads, colourful flowers, thick green vegetation, and cascading waterfalls, Gurudongmar Lake is the ultimate destination for one and all. The mesmerising lake has an elevation of 17,100 feet. There is beauty in the barrenness of the place. Gurudongmar Lake is made by the melted snow from the mountains. During the winters, the lake becomes frozen and the area looks stunning. The reflections of the mountains on the lake are a sight to behold. The lake is also believed to possess some supernatural powers.

Places to visit in East Sikkim

Gangtok, the capital city of Sikkim is unmissable in its lively and vibrant nature. What makes this modern capital so beautiful? The incomparable nature: The mountain ridge, steep hillsides, the valleys covered in mist and the Heavenly Mt.Kanchenjunga on the faraway skyline makes Gangtok a beautiful place. Besides the enigmatic nature, the warmth of the people of this place makes you feel at home and makes Gangtok so beautiful. Gangtok is the heart-throb destination to tourists all over the world. This place has plenty of rich history and culture. Gangtok is nestled among breathtaking mountains and provides an ideal place for adventure aficionados. You can indulge in river rafting, trekking, mountaineering, etc. The elusive red panda is also found here. To spot one visit the Himalayan Zoological Park. Are you planning to go to Gangtok? Worry not, because Travelite is here to help you.

Places to see in Gangtok

Changu Lake or Tsomgo Lake is covered with thick greens all around. This place also has a small temple of Lord Shiva. Fogs mask the entire lake on the days when the sun doesn’t rise. The lake remains icy frozen most of the time. Tourists can embark on a yak ride here. This mind-blowing lake is placed at a height of 12,313 feet. The lake is constantly fed with the melting ice from the mountains. You really have to pinch yourself to believe that this fabulous place is for real and you are not dreaming.

Nathula Pass proudly wears the crown of one of the highest navigable thoroughfare in the entire world. This picturesque serpentine road lies on the Indo-Chinese border. Do travel in a sturdy SUV vehicle to reach this place. Nathula has a beautiful meaning. ‘Nathu’ means ‘listening ears’ and ‘la’ means pass. So while traveling and also when you reach listen to what ‘yeh haseen vadiyan’ is trying to tell you because you won’t get to hear it again. Book your next Sikkim holiday with trusted Trvelites.

Rumtek Monastery’s other name is Dharmachakra Centre. Rumtek Monastery is one of the biggest monasteries in Sikkim. This highly significant monastery sits atop a hill which is encircled with thick forests. You will get a marvelous view of Gangtok from the top of Rumtek Monastery. The architecture of the renowned monastery is among the best in the world. The Rumtek Monastery houses arts and artifacts from the 16th century.

Baba Harbhajan Singh Temple is located between Jelepla and Nathula Pass. This is a very renowned temple and a huge number of tourists flock to this sacred place. This also happens to be one of the four Border Personnel Meeting points for the Indian and Chinese armies. This shrine was constructed in honour of guard, Harbhajan Singh.

Sikkim Silk Route – This was the main route for the Indians and Chinese to trade items in ancient times. Other countries were also connected through this charming route such as Greece, Persia, Rome, Arabia, etc. The old silk route as it’s also called is a major tourist attraction in East Sikkim. Mother Nature has poured a bounty of organic elements to take your breath away. Here you can take part in lots of activities such as Jungle Tour, Trekking, Biking, Rock Climbing, Fishing, etc. And not to forget that the glorious Kanchenjunga is tirelessly standing there with its full grandeur ‘sirf aapke liye.’ You just relax and let Travelite do the rest.

Places to visit in West Sikkim

Pelling is a very beautiful hill station in West Sikkim. It is nestled among the gorgeous mountains and verdant pine forests. Your trip to Pelling will remain incomplete without a visit to the peaceful Pemayangste monastery. This Holy sanctum dates back to the 17th century. Pelling is a nature’s wonder. It has cascading waterfalls, pristine lakes, historical ruins, and the spectacular Himalayan range. Pelling has a calm and serene environ that you will help you to unwind or relax your inner self. Pelling is a destination for all seasons. Are you planning to go to Pelling? Worry not, because Travelite is here to help you.

Yuksom is a historical settlement which is approximately 35 kms from Pelling. Yuksom is peppered with a very good-looking topography and the astounding Alps.  The literal meaning of the word Yuksom is ‘meeting place of the three lamas’. Some important sightseeing from Yuksom includes Dubdi Monastery, Kathoke Lake, Norbugang Coronation Throne, etc.

Rinchenpong is an unconventional destination in West Sikkim. This virgin region displays an eye-catching vision of Mt.Kanchenjunga. This striking village curls up in the thickly forested area. If you want to find pure solace, you should pay a visit to Rinchenpong or the ‘silent valley’ as it’s popularly called. Rinchenpong is also noteworthy for its rich history.

Places to visit in South Sikkim

The horizon of Ravangla looks remarkable for its utterly dazzling Himalayan Alps. Ravangla cordially welcomes you to spend your weekend in a leisurely fashion, drinking Tea/Coffee and soaking up in the bewildering atmosphere. Ravangla snuggles between Tendong Hill and Maenam. Ravangla displays unparalleled views of the Herculean Kanchenjunga. This sleepy little hamlet offers a plethora of beauty. There is a well-manicured park just 1km from Ravangla. The park is named as the Buddha Park or Tathagata Tsal. This park has a 130-foot statue of Gautama Buddha. The park is set at a backdrop of dense green foliage and mesmerising landscape. Ravishing Ravangla is a perfect weekend destination.

Borong is a tiny countryside exuding rustic and awe-inspiring attractiveness and serenity. Borong is roughly 16km from Ravangla. This quiet quaint hamlet is surrounded by tall trees and picturesque hills. The emerald forest of Borong and the ethereally gorgeous flowers add to the beauty of this place. Keep gazing at the captivating sights of the eternally beautiful Mt.Kanchenjunga. The winged-feather friends make this scenic place as their dwelling.

Barfung is a homely Sikkimese village in the southern part of Sikkim. If you are tired of the chaotic city life, escape to this lovely place encircled with rich green forests and charming hills. This virgin organic spot will help you calm your senses and relax your nerves. This off-beat destination is ideal for a quick getaway. Book your next Sikkim holiday with trusted Trvelites.